Monday, June 6, 2011

You can control how you react... but not how others do.

I just read an interesting quote given in a specific context, but it works for pretty much anything. We spend a lot of time trying to please people, but sometimes we can't make everybody happy and we just need to be true to what we understand and feel to be right. So here's the quote:

"I’m not taking responsibility for their pain anymore [...]  Let me explain. I can’t control anyone else’s emotional response to my actions. I can do my best to be a responsible human being by not running around inflicting pain and damage, but I can also accept that I can’t please everyone all the time, and this includes the people closest to me." (source)

It's a very good point: we worry too much about how what we say will be received, and it is important to not try to walk all over people, but you also need to not drown yourself out for fear of offending. And sometimes, there are people with whom it's just not worth talking about certain things because it just gets all twisted up and takes you nowhere. 

(Just to make things clear: don't read too much into the theme of the post I pulled the quote from. I noticed this specific quote because I felt it applied to many things in general)

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