Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking fashion advice from a teenager

I really enjoy photography. A few years ago I somehow managed to get myself a semi fancy camera (it's sort of a hybrid between an SLR and a point and shoot) and I like it very much, although I still haven't gotten any fancy accessories for it. It'll have to wait. But it's a good in-between option for someone like me who doesn't really know that much about photography.

Don't be fooled though: I plan on knowing a whole lot more someday. In the not-too-distant future, I'll take real classes and learn all the sneaky tricks of the trade, and then I won't be just another housewife with a "photography business on the side." Not sure what I'm talking about? Just ask any professional photographer and prepare yourself to listen to them rant for hours... Although, no offense, but I think deep down what they're really scared about is that fancy cameras makes many mediocre photographers obsolete... but that's another discussion for another day. (Please note that I said mediocre. A good photographer is not replaceable by new technology--I realize it's an art form, and I don't really believe that computers can make art without humans. The guy at Walmart that takes your portrait against a velour backdrop however... yeah, he's out.)

Anyway, now you know my secret dream. Which also means that I like photographer websites a lot, and I just discovered this one:

Really, all of this was to say that I loved this photo (I'm assuming these are senior pics)

And I really like this girl's outfit :) The photographer also did a bat mitzvah shoot which I found remarkable. So there's my latest photographer discovery.

Anyway, I need more photography sites to stalk! Bring 'em on people!

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  1. I have a stalker favorite: Rebekah Westover

    I'm a lover of photography blogs/websites too!