Friday, June 17, 2011


My poor bank account is hurting right now... it's just like the good ol' days of singledom!

But seriously: nobody can say that we don't love my family. We just got our last tickets to Bordeaux: two more trips and it's over! isn't that sad? We're basically halfway through.

Also, I haven't worn my engagement ring in a month. We live in a... not so wealthy neighborhood and especially when I'm taking trains and metros all over the place I don't really feel like being conspicuous. If I did get mugged, I would feel so bad! (Don't worry parents, we're safe and sound and nobody's bothered us yet--we're good at keeping a hawk's eye on our bag/purse and blending in) But I guess I kind of miss my engagement ring, although I feel a little bit like a hippie or something with my simple wedding band. Ha.

Also I just ran out to bring Andrew something (well ran out is an understatement, since it's a 2 hour round trip...) and I must admit I'm terribly jealous. He goes to work everyday in the most classy area of Paris and today he's escorting U.S. Senators around.

Gosh, I have nothing all that exciting to say. So in no particular order, here are a few thoughts running through my head:

It's rainy today. Really rainy. I like it, but it's a lot gloomier in this old house than it is on rue de Rivoli...

Crying babies and meowing cats sound remarkably alike.

I really, really need a new haircut and highlights, or at least just highlights. It's getting bad.

I like my nail color. I had an epiphany the other day: my nails grow better and are healthier when they are protected with nail polish. You'd think I'd have figured it out earlier.

Andrew and I might go on a mini boat tour of the Seine river. That should be fun.

Also, it's for sure this time: we're going here. I'm excited!

I think I might want to let my hair grow for a while.

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  1. lydia! just a comment on what you said about crying babies and cats: it's true! thank you for voicing that thought because I think it was only in France that the similarities between the two "voices" became quite clear to me. especially one day in a crowded Carrefour...