Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My grandma

I'm really glad I got to spend some time with my grandmother last time I was in Bordeaux. My grandmother has not been in fantastic health most of my life, but she he's been really well lately, getting around the house just fine, eating plenty and even playing the piano again! One afternoon last month I showed her old family pictures that I had scanned from my uncle's photo album and every once in a while she would tell me a story about the people in the photo. At one point I showed her a picture of her and my father when he was barely a year old. They were at the beach and she was wearing basically a bikini. She said "oh no, that can't be me!" When I asked  her why she replied "I would never wear something that scandalous!" :)

I also showed her some photos from my wedding as well as our wedding video. She enjoyed those very much, but her favorite part was the video of my dad singing at the reception. She loved it and had me replay it several times!

And it's a good thing that I got to spend that much time with her last month, because it turns out she fractured her leg this week. No big fall or anything, but her leg had been hurting and after two separate visits to the hospital (during the first one they found absolutely nothing!) they discovered a double fracture in her leg, so now she has a cast up to her thigh, and is stuck in bed for the next six weeks. Which also means our family temple trip to Madrid is cancelled. Andrew and I are still going, since our departure plane goes through Madrid, but my aunts need to care for her and they were also my sister and cousin's ride.

I guess that's just life.

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