Monday, November 15, 2010

We should make a rule...

Mark and Danielle always laugh at me because anytime Andrew and I play board/card games with them, I inevitably come out with this phrase: "we should make up a rule that..."

And yes, I'm a bit silly like that, but it just struck me: this is why I'm in the major I chose. There are plenty of things that aren't ethical, but they're also not illegal. Reporters can dig up the nasty truth and expose it for all to see. And that's our way of saying "We should make a rule that nursing homes have to do criminal background checks on potential employees so that caretakers can't abuse the elderly."
"We should make a rule that the international community needs to put stronger peer pressure on african governments to stop people from practicing excision."

As a reporter, you don't make the rules, but you can say "We should make a rule" just by pointing out the abuse, injustice and ugly of the world.

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