Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tall and not big?

Why is it we can't find a single shirt that has long enough sleeves and that isn't a tent? We just went to do some pre-Christmas shopping for Andrew (yes, I'm afraid I'm one of those boring wives that gets their husband clothes.. it's that or video games) and shirts his size simply don't exist!

I just don't understand it. I know plenty of guys that are tall and thin. So why do stores simply not make clothes for them? Are they trying to encourage people to get fat so they'll fit? We asked the sales lady about it and she said we could special order, but if we got them long enough we'd have to go up a neck size...come on people!

My husband is not a freak of nature. And I know he is not the only guy out there in this situation. At least he has a wife that can fix his shirts up somewhat...

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