Thursday, March 18, 2010

And it just happened...

Remember my post that I wrote yesterday about being afraid of bad things happening? well, they did.
one of my interviews for yesterday cancelled at 4 pm (I can't exactly blame her though-- a teenager drove her car into her car...) so all of a sudden I only had one side of the story. That basically killed it (although I can reuse the one interview I was doing for next week, hoping that it isn't too old by then...)
And of course, I was in the middle of nowhere for the next two or three hours doing another interview so I couldn't get to a computer and find something else.
I ended up covering the opening night of "as you like it" at BYU... it was a fun play, but not exactly news compared to abortion laws....
And then this morning, since my story was so lame, the News Director had me go cover the basketball game for sports (or rather the people watching it on campus) which meant I had to do my story in less than two hours (write the script and edit the video) and then run to the wilk with my camera, grab video, do two interviews, run back to the Brimhall by 10:30 to ingest the tape into the system, edit a second story (thankfully the sports anchor writes his own stuff so i just had to throw together some video for him)
And the crazy thing?! I kind of had fun! I love that I got that much done on such a short deadline, and it was decent quality too. I feel like I really got something done and made myself useful, and I love that the sports guy trusted me to just put together something for him. It's kind of crazy and kind of fun at the same time, although I'll probably have some white hairs by the end of the semester (not that that would really bother me-- that's kind of the color I've been going for lately...)

Moral of the story: everything bad I thought could happen did happen, and I survived.


  1. oh no! who was the teacher? Was it Hudson?

  2. No, the spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood-- she felt so bad for missing the appointment. She's fine, but her car not so much...

  3. Cassi, you forget that I do not speak the chinese...

  4. hahaha I'm sorry Lyd :( It looks like you made the best out of it! Yay! You're going to be an awesome professional reporter someday :) Bring on the gray hairs!!