Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BYU BALLROOM DANCE IN CONCERT -- 50th anniversary!

This year will really be amazing, and you shouldn't miss it for anything! The concert will be awesome, it's a great date, and on top of that, you get to support yours truly in what she loves to do!
On top of that, we're expected to sell tickets, and our team spirit and participation are noticed by the powers that be.
Tickets are available for friday evening, saturday matinee and saturday evening-- for 12$
Please, if you're planning on going, get your tickets from me. I can either buy them for you or you can call in to order your tickets and tell them my name (Lydia Nelson) and they'll put it towards my list. (If you act fast, I can get tickets early and get you some awesome places!)

So that way, everyone's happy: you get tickets to "that thing you love," you can show that girl you like that you have taste and you're not a cheap date, and I get to sell plenty of tickets, maybe win something cool in the drawing, and show my team spirit!

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