Monday, March 5, 2012

Women in my family

Here's our statistic of the day: women still earn less than men for equal work at every education level in the U.S. And a recent report from the census bureau shows that while receiving advanced degrees pays off for women, it's still not as financially beneficial as it is for men. Men's overall median monthly earnings are $3,750, while women come in at $2,917. 

So next time you think (or hear): "oh, those feminists need to get over it now, women's rights are so nineteenth century"... that's flat-out not true. This number is important because so many people honest-to-goodness think the income gap is a thing of the past. It's not.

And now: the first woman - or rather women - I'd like to introduce you to are my aunts. You've already heard about them plenty, so I won't elaborate, but they've taught me a lot about being faithful. Faithful to God, faithful to your responsibilities, faithful to friends, faithful to famiglia.

They were a source of inspiration to me growing up, and I know they've been a role model for many other people; they've touched so many lives as music teachers, as participants in their community and family, as teachers and leaders in the church.

So please, check out the interview I did with them over this summer. It's a good read, and you'll see a little bit of what I mean. They're pretty cool :)

How about you? What have women in your family given or taught you? Do share, I'd love to hear your stories!

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