Monday, March 5, 2012


So I have this obsession with the Olympics. The feeling of excellence, the inspiring performances, the bite-your-nails close finishes. Just seeing so many young people, the best of the best in all of the world, gathered together, gets me teary-eyed. And maybe it's silly, but I love that Utah got the olympics ten years ago and that everywhere you go there are reminders of it. Even though I wasn't even around at the time I've felt so much... state pride? as the commemoration events were going on. Maybe it's just Mormon pride. MoPride. Ha ha. But really, it wasn't just the Salt Lake City olympics; it felt more like the Mormon Olympics. MoLympics. OK, I'll stop with the portmanteaus. Anyway... I've really, really wanted a little piece of it, so:

There it is. Thump your chest or something. And now, you must listen to this, because it'll get you all ready to run a marathon or jump over something very tall. Or not, maybe that's just me again. But you gotta love the MoTab.

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