Monday, March 5, 2012

International Women's Day

Coming up soon: March 8th is the day, and I'd like to celebrate by telling stories about women who inspire me or taught me something special. Check back later today for the first story :)

And contribute! Who is your female role model?

A note: sometimes, International Women's Day can turn into saying nice things about the women in your life. That's sweet, and it's important as well, but it's important to remember that the original goal of this day was to fight for women's rights. Women still suffer from inequality and abuse. I'll be sharing facts and figures along with the uplifting stories, because that's the point: see the positive and generate hope, but also work towards progress.


  1. I am continually inspired by Eve and her choice to propel us into mortality.

  2. That's quite the woman right there :)

  3. I know I already said this on facebook, but I really do love Marie Curie. She loved science for science's sake (she hated awards or any kind of recognition) in a time when female scientists were practically non-existent.
    A woman I really admire who I actually know is one of my former chem professors. She went into labor while she was defending her PhD and managed to finish her defense before driving herself to the hospital to have her baby. She just seems to have figured out how to balance a career with family, and that's something that's really impressed me.

    1. Going into labor while defending your thesis? Now THAT's hardcore. I love it! I'm always so impressed with women who figure out that fine balance.