Friday, July 8, 2011

Being ambassador comes with some nice perks

Living here, for example:

We went to a belated 4th of July party for the embassy employees today, and it was really nice. Classy, but not so much that kids weren't having fun running wild. The ambassador's residence is gorgeous of course, and there was a big lawn set up for snacking and playing.

And speaking of playing, these guys rocked. They're a US Air Force jazz band stationed in Germany, and they were certainly making it a lively party. We danced :)

Good ol' American pride

What else can I say... it was a lovely afternoon, plus Andrew didn't go back to work after so I got him home with me for an early weekend! That's always awesome.

Also, Andrew has a very nice new suit that we got for so cheap it's ridiculous.
Well, that's about it for today, and we send you greetings from a bit of American soil abroad :)

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