Monday, June 21, 2010

New Student Orientation

Well, I did it. And I quite enjoyed myself (minus the freshman girl incident)- it's nice to go on campus not for classes. It gave me a refreshing perspective of our beautiful campus and I was glad to share the love with new students. By the second day, the only two girls in our group had decided to go to other groups with their friends so we had a big bunch of boys-- a future film director, heart surgeon and mechanical engineer, among other. Oh, and we had quadruplets. (well only two of them were in my group. But cool huh?)
Some of the parts of orientation were a bit long, but there was a fantastic devotional the second day on following promptings of the spirit. The speaker told an incredible story that I will try to rewrite before I forget it. And it was fun to see the new students with all their dreams and goals; we had a great group. Ha, I already know which ones are going to be the ladies' men...
It was the first time in quite a while that I had actually given up time to serve others. Let's just say I've been pretty self-centered lately.
So the verdict: it's a LOT of time to give up, but definitely worth it.

Look at all those sweet preemies!

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