Monday, June 7, 2010

Bad Dreams

I have a lot of bad dreams. Some of them are very scary and very detailed. Sometimes they involve me saving people, or really bad guys, or forces of evil and what have you... Sometimes my dreams are neutral, but I rarely have very happy dreams. I guess you could say that's a good thing, since maybe my life is wonderful when I'm awake that my brain needs to balance it out at night? haha


Last night was so real, it was worse than the acid-spitting dinosaur invasion of 2005.
(Oh yes, I remember that one vividly...)

I'm helping Linda Wakefield (That would be the co-director of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company) with tour team applications. I'm pretty sure an applicant helping with admissions is unethical in several ways, but hey. It's a dream.

We go through all the sheets and she gets to mine and says "oh you marked that you wanted to be on tour team? I hadn't realized that..."

(At this point in the dream, I realize that they have already pretty much made up their list and are just finalizing details.)

I begin to panic and say
"Oh no, I very much want to be considered for tour team. I assure you I marked "please consider me for tour team" on my form." (Hoping it's not entirely shot yet)

And then she makes a little note on the paper and says

"Yeah well you were just barely off of beginning team anyway so it's not that big a deal that we didn't notice your application" and laughs


I guess I really am doomed.

I already didn't have hope in real life, that was just UNCALLED for, Mr. dream maker!


  1. its ok, linda asked if I was on a team at the beginning of winter semester and I told her I was on Back-up team and she was like OOOOh. it kinda ruined my day ha ha. I love you, we will have fun on back up- its ok! :) besides everyone says that back-up is way funner. (of course we know both of us are still crossing our fingers for tour

  2. Hey I have dreams like that all the time haha. Remind me to tell you about the dreams I had last year right before tryouts. I remember them down to the last detail. Ps... never give up hope. Anything is possible especially in the world of BYU Ballroom!

  3. So when I processed my own application for the MPA, I was unethical? Oh dear...

  4. Well you weren't involved in the decision process.. In my dream I was helping her decide too.