Friday, June 18, 2010


I am in the midst of New student orientation right now, which is fun (it is also hot outside). Our group has 10 guys and two girls, one of which (yikes. Is that correct? one of which?) is a big flirt so that kind of cracks me up.. Anyway.
The following conversation is an exchange between me and one of the girls in our group. We're greeting the students, making small talk, get-to-know you type stuff.

Me: So where are you from
Girl: I'm from Las Vegas
Me: Oh, that's where my husband's from!
Girl: What? You're MARRIED? (look of disbelief on her face)
Me: yes, yes I am...
Girl: you look like you're eighteen! How OLD are you???
Me: ... um I'm going on 22... (In my head: that would be four years older than you to begin with...)
Girl: I just can't believe you're married. You look like eighteen!
Me: polite smile (In my head: yeah, we went over that part already)

So, I get it that I look young, I really do. I also realize I married young.

But really? Is it not just a teeny bit rude to act so shocked? And to essentially tell someone they look like a child bride? And to demand proof of their age?

And really? Do I look like a freshman? I mean I was wearing a big goofy Y-group leader t-shirt, I guess that does look very "teenager-ish". I know I have big round cheeks. And yes, I know, I'll look young when I'm a middle-aged woman. yippee.

Sometimes this worries me though. I hope people don't see me and think "oh look a dumb blond teenager" and then skip over me for opportunities I am MORE than qualified for.

I'll simply let them know I just set the curve in my tv news producing class.
When I turned in my first paper at BYU, my professor thought it was so good that he ran it through plagiarism detection software to make sure I had actually written it. And promptly gave it 100%. I work as a translator alongside people who have masters degrees. I'm on the way to graduating without debt because I've been WORKING my way through college. I've made it to the back-up ballroom team because I saw them perform on BYUTV and said to myself: "I want to be on that stage." Last year, I danced on that stage. And again this year. And I will next year.

Oh, and I met the best man on earth and married him. Why wait if it's the right decision?! I can't stand arguments like "marriage will prevent you from fulfilling your academic dreams." Actually, my husband is pushing me towards them.
And you know what? I'm GLAD I married young. I know what direction my life is going and I'm glad I can start planning for the future with my husband.

Sorry about the brag fest. But sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are capable of things. I know what I'm worth.
Doesn't that deserve a little respect from little miss freshman?

What are you proud of?

PS: THIS is what a real child bride looks like.

(Yep, that's me with my mom's veil)

Oh and by the way, I've decided to give twitter a try, but it's not much fun without friends. Come check it out!


  1. I love the whole post! What a dork girl to say that - you don't look 18. And you are right on track in life - that girl will probably have ten million stupid things happen before she gets on the right track. PS. I love the picture!!! xo Bisous

  2. Hey, I know what you mean about being a young bride ;) Hope it's not weird that I read your blog, it just came up on my newsfeed. Good post, by the way. I think that someone could make an entire blog out of the weird things that people say to you day to day. I've learned not to tell people my age anymore. Plus, like you said, it doesn't really make a difference because you've accomplished so much. P.S. I really don't think that you look 18 at all!