Thursday, May 19, 2011

C'est parti pour la Normandie

Not many photos today, just a short update I suppose. Things are going rather well. We have two more roommates as of yesterday; I went to pick up Mark and Danielle at the airport in the morning and let me tell you, it was quite a trek to get through RER, Metro and Trains with all that luggage... I even lost my scarf :( But we made it and we're happy to see them again. Now we're gearing up to leave early tomorrow morning for our weekend road trip!

We're going to be visiting several D-day beaches and the American cemetery in Normandy, and then we'll head over to see the Bayeux tapestry. It's essentially a really long embroidered cloth that tells the story of a big chunk of medieval history.

Funny/embarrassing story.. I'm French right? well, the first time I ever heard of this famous tapestry was at BYU, when I was convinced for the greater part of the semester that my roommate was learning how to make medieval carpets... Thank you, Lindsey Williams, for culturally enlarging my world.

And then we're going to go see Mont St Michel, an abbey/prison/historical site that's located just off the coast: the tides rise and fall so fast that you can drown if you're crossing the sand on foot to get there, so there's a bridge they've built a walkway to get to it.

I think I went there when I was under 2 years old, so I really have no memories of this place. It's also the home of some really, really delicious buttery cookies.

We should probably get some good crêpes bretonnes, we won't be too far off :)

We're eating far too well, and I've regained all the weight I was so proud of losing... oh well. I'll just have to get to work extra hard when I get back. Or now. But having bread every day at every meal is so nice!

Oh and by the way... you have a new reason to love the Mormon Women Project... I'm going to be producing some interviews for them! I already have one set up in Bordeaux, and I'll conduct several of them throughout my stay here. I'm really excited because I love this project and I am so happy to be able to contribute. Plus, it can't hurt my resume, even if it isn't hard news per se :)

And no, I haven't forgotten about my documentary, it's just been really busy. I do have one interview set up for that and as soon as this rush of translations is done I'll have some more time to dedicate to it. (I translated over 6000 words today... ugh)

Oh, also my keyboard is missing three keys, so typing is SUPER FUN! woohoo! at least only one of them is a letter.

And here's a fun family photo courtesy of my uncle:

No, the naked little kid in the white hat is not me :)


  1. so jealous! we loved normandy! we stayed in bayeux and loved that little town...but never went to see the tapestry...oops.

  2. haha I could easily see that happening--I mean I'm sure it's really cool andall, but it is a very old medieval piece of cloth.. The town of Bayeux is so gorgeous though!