Monday, May 3, 2010

Mac vs. PC?

We have come to a conclusion at long last. After several months of trying, we just don't think macs are all that awesome...
THERE I said it! I don't think macs have anything over PCs, apart from looking pretty cool. (that, I will admit; our BYU rental mac makes our living room so... hip?)
But here's the thing: Andrew and I aren't really hip people anyway, not in the "I-have-the-latest-gadget and I-can't-believe-Paris-wore-that-to-the-Oscars kind of way at least. (what is "hip" anyway?)
We were both pretty normal/nerdy in school (Andrew said so himself, this is not judgment on my part. Me probably a lot more and in a more pathetic way since I lived under the illusion that I was actually so different I was the cool one. But this is really a post for another day... I could write a book about my pathetic junior high experiences)
Anyway, the cool aspect just doesn't do it for me. Macs are supposedly more "user-friendly"... that is, until something goes wrong (::GASP:: No! nothing ever happens to macs! oh yes...) and you try to fix it--and that is impossible, since everything is so PRETTY and USER-FRIENDLY and HAPPY and SIMPLE that you CAN'T GET TO THE FREAKING PLACE WHERE YOU CAN CHANGE THE BLASTED SETTINGS!!!! (I realize my use of computer terminology is lacking. I know my way around a PC pretty well, but don't ask me to tell you what it's called...)
whew, glad I got that out of my system.
And then there's all the compatibility issues... don't even get me started. Skype doesnt' do video chat on macs (isn't that the whole PURPOSE of skype?) MSN messenger either, so it's back to using my nearly-dead 4-year-old laptop to converse with my family once a week.
Quicken? we have a PC version
Not to mention the fact that the MAC version of EVERYTHING is ALWAYS more expensive.
Oh, and my external hard drive that I bought when I had a PC? yeah, I can't write onto it from a Mac because it doesn't support the format. I need to reformat my hard drive (which I know is a fairly simple process, but I have to find a place to put all the stuff on the hard drive in the process, and ... you get the idea) if I want to take anything off the mac. And I suspect that once I do eventually reformat the HD, iPhoto has been playing sneaky with all my photos and I won't be able to just drag them onto the hard drive. SO user-friendly.
By the way, I STILL haven't figured out how to name a photo in iPhoto... what's up with that???
It's so over-simplified that if I want do anything that doesn't exist in one of the cute little apps that jump up and down for my attention at the bottom, I'm chopped meat.
And then there's that insane function of squeezing the mouse and the screen just goes BANANAS! SCREENS FLYING EVERYWHERE! TOTAL LACK OF ORGANIZATION! you though you put that browser window in the top corner, well TAKE THAT MAC USER! I MESSED THEM ALL UP FOR YOU, AND NOW YOU CAN'T GET BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE CAUSE YOU'RE SWIMMING IN WINDOWS! GAAAAAAAAAAH!
Moral of the story, we've been renting a mac desktop from BYU since this summer, but it is definitely time to trade back. PC, I love you, because you may not be as cute, but you are OH so much more practical and LOGICAL!

As soon as I can get my pictures back, but I think they just might be lost in the deep pit of coolness oblivion forever...

Did I mention Macs STUPID ad campaign after which I named this post? Clever marketing, but TOTAL HOGWASH!

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Update: as of last week, we finally have a PC again!

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