Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's been a while since I've written-- I've learned that being engaged keeps you quite busy!
But Andrew has proven himself to be quite the patient, talent and diverse man (that I already knew he was :) -- he stamped and addressed envelopes, found a perfect apartment, gave me a blessing when needed, and so much more! I know you shouldn't really believe in soulmates, but if I had to pick a kindred spirit I know who it would be... :)
I was able to go to the temple with a friend today, and it was so nice because I haven't had many occasions to go lately.
Bit by bit things are falling into place, and we are now at the 23-day mark!! Unbelievable...
But I couldn't be happier about the direction my life is taking-- if all goes well and I am accepted into the Broadcast journalism program, I will be starting my official major (it lasts two years)! All I have to do now is finish up that bothersome independent study class (note to all: independent study is only worth it if you come equipped with oodles of discipline).
I've officially been working at MultiLing for a year now, and I've progressed so much within the company; it's funny to have a real job with other grown-ups (I'm the youngest person there! although there are some other students and recent grads), because when you're young you think "when I'm a grown-up I'll be so much wiser and smarter and responsible..." but I certainly don't feel like I'm any of those! This probably goes back to that "when you are called you are qualified" thing... it seems like life just thrusts responsibility upon you and what you do with it makes you the person you become...
Back to MultiLing though: I'm supposed to ask for a raise since I've been with the company for a year now, but I have no idea how to go about it! Any suggestions?
I've also discovered what it's like to have good friends. I've had many friends throughout life, but only since coming to college and living with people (apart from my closest childhood friends) have I really seen what being a good friend means. I guess living with people either makes or breaks friendship :) I'm glad to be developing friendships that will last a lifetime, and I hope to make many new friends in the future.
I was reading about the story of Cain this morning (many people, including Andrew, have told me that the Pearl of Great Price and especially the book of Moses are good reading to prepare for the temple) and I realized something--the Lord really does have mercy on us, even when we are horrible awful terrible people. Cain killed his brother and rebelled against God, and when God cursed him Cain was afraid, and said that people would seek to kill him (Moses 5:35-40)-- and yet, Heavenly Father promised him that whoever killed him would be punished "seven-fold," and gave him protection in the form of a mark.
He still loved his wayward child enough to give him that one assurance... despite the fact that he was the first murderer of this earth. If God can decide to show that much compassion to someone who doesn't even come close to deserving it, how much more should we be careful in our dealings with others... There's food for thought!


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  2. Lydia -

    About the raise: I would just ask for a meeting with your boss, then cordially talk about your time with the company, highlighting your accomplishments, and then ask for a raise. It doesn't have to be complicated. The worst possible response would be a 'no', but if you never ask you are almost guaranteed not to get a raise. Benefits far outweigh costs in this case.

  3. hey Lydia - sometime this week chat me about the raise thing and we should talk :)

    I think you're great!!

  4. Lyd, Look at how much you've accomplished! I LOVE your perspective on Provo! You're right - we need to realize how much we have living there! Your blog is wonderful! Bisous bisous!