Monday, February 2, 2009

finding new things

Sometimes you forget to look outside of your daily routine. For example, who knew that we had a real live train station (by the way, train station in Finnish is "juna-asema") here in our town of Provo?!
Andrew, excited about the upcoming trip to Nauvoo which would quite possibly be on a train, and being himself, looked up the local train station. And so Saturday, which was great for more than one reason, ended up being quite the day of discoveries.

Apart from the amazing steeple-esque thingy on top and the lovely benches, we also discovered some fascinating reading material (which, if you can't see in the photo, is some Jehovah's Witnesses literature...). Because it's wrong to litter (in more sense than one...) we promptly did a little clean-up. Oops!

It reminds me of France...

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