Friday, September 9, 2016

Settling In

So we had a big move back in July. And between unpacking, seeing Andrew safely into his new job and flying off to visit my mom, we hadn't had too much of a chance to settle in yet.

As soon as I got back though, I set about making it feel more like home and nestling in, and you know what, it was good to be home -- even if said home had only been our home for a few weeks!

I thought the small-town life would be a difficult adjustment but so far it's been just lovely. Certainly it's a little frustrating that I can't just run to the store when I'm out of something (mostly household products) since we only have a small neighborhood grocer in town. But you adapt and learn to plan in advance -- and you love Amazon Prime even more!

And we have a little farmer's market in the summer, plus a farm store that carries nearby local produce through Halloween and it is delightful. FINALLY some good peaches!

Adelina particularly enjoys the library... for its literary value, of course. Ha! Ok, when we're there she just wants to play with all the fun toys, but I've started checking out a few board books for a week or so at a time and it's nice to have a few new ones in rotation. She's finally starting to "read" on her own sometimes, and it just warms my heart to look over and see her so interested. I can't wait to share my love of reading with her as she grows up!

Other than that though, who needs "things to do" when you have a family anyway? Andrew is busy at work, I'm busy with Adelina and our soon-to-be baby boy, and we get to actually hang out together on weekends. Honestly, it's been great, and I'm starting to really like this place. We're starting to settle into this new SAHM routine, and Adelina is working on "independent play," A.K.A. "don't interrupt mama with a request every five seconds" ha ha. She's getting great at it and I'm so encouraged, because heaven knows I'll need a little extra space with this baby on the way!

We have a library and a little museum, nice places to walk, and we've been really well welcomed by our ward so far. People out in the community have been really friendly too in general. A few people in particular have made some real efforts to reach out and befriend us and I am so grateful for that. Heck, we're even starting a Power of Moms Learning Circle this month!

Walking to church :)

Our post office is the cutest historical building -- check out those sweet mailboxes!

We went to our first high school football game -- go Rangers! -- the week we got back from D.C. and it was really fun. There were a lot of people there and even though we lost badly it was just a fun atmosphere. The hint of fall in the air didn't hurt either :)

A friend from Casper who is very close to a sister in our ward here had given us Rangers gear for Adelina and baby #2 before we left -- so thoughtful! -- so we fit right in ha ha.

Another thing about this place is that while it may be small and rural, it's actually a lot closer to a lot of interesting places than Casper was. There, it was a minimum 4-hour drive to get to a big city or point of interest, whereas here we are not even an hour and a half from Bear Lake, not too far from Yellowstone, close to several other western Wyoming towns, and about an hour+ from the soon-to-be-dedicated Star Valley Temple! And go figure, Adelina's sitter and her family just moved not too terribly far from us so we'll get to see them soon as well! I felt so bad about tearing Adelina away from her "second family" of sorts, I'm glad we'll get to continue that relationship in real life. Oh and the best part: we're only 2 hours from Salt Lake City, and 6 hours from St George! (which is a good thing considering baby #2's poor club feet that will require a lot of medical care in SLC -- I'm so grateful we are this much closer to world-class specialists)

Two weeks ago we decided to take advantage of those fleeting last moments of summer and go meet up with a friend from France at Bear Lake. She is married to an American and now lives in Logan so it's fun to have French friends nearby!

It was the PERFECT day, and I was a little nervous about spending so much time on the beach but Adelina was in heaven -- for four hours.

We severely delayed naptime that day ha ha. But it was worth it. And look at those sweet little friends!

We came back tired and a little sun-dazed, but so happy for the good company and peaceful sand and water. With that... I'm pretty sure summer is officially over. Bring on fall!

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