Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving is great

And I have plenty of things to be grateful for, but I'll just say this: an excuse to gorge myself on great food? Done.

And the weather in Las Vegas was so beautiful! And of course the best part: spending time with family. Our little niece and nephews are the best.



he's on a lion kick these days

Andrew was a very good pony

I don't think he was so sure about this to begin with

The plane we rode home. I've never been on such a small commercial plane! It was fun though. The guy in front of us thought we were newlyweds because we were trying to get a photo... oh well. I guess we sort of are considering we aren't producing yet...

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  1. LOL love this. And about the producing thing. . . What're you guys waiting for?! jump on it! ;)